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Monitoring Report No:14, 1st-31st May 2017

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq)
Human Rights Monitoring Report-Sudan No: 14
1 st-31st May 2017

(نعتذر لعدم توفر النسخة العربية لهذا التقرير)

Brief summery:

On 11 May 2017, Sudan has announced new national consensus government, aimed at solving
Sudan crisis and implementing the national dialogue’s recommendations, although one of the
national dialogue guaranteeing and respect of human rights, However, the human rights
situation remain dire and unchanged, National Intelligence and Security Service NISS and other
forces have amplified their restrictions of the rights to freedom of expression, association and
assembly and repression of protests targeting students, journalists, members of the opposition
parties, and human rights defenders by arrest, summoning and detention, during the reporting
period Huqooq team has documented violations in Khartoum, Kassala, Port Sudan, Bakht
Aruda- White Nile States, following several protests, Huqooq team was able to document police
forces and NISS severe attacks on peaceful assembly and on association.
Throughout May the NISS and police forces has arrested and detained students and members
of political parties Huqooq has documented and verified more than 133 arbitrary and
incommunicado arrest cases of human rights activists, students and political activists who
perceived to practice their constitutional rights, (Huqooq will provide and share the list of
arrested persons not included in this report upon request).
The report includes documentation of violation cases of freedom of expression, assembly and
association with others, freedom of religion and right to housing. Although this report does not
claim to include all the economic and social rights enshrined in the treaties and conventions
ratified by Sudan government, however, we hope that it will provide an overview of the human
rights situation in Sudan, beside to be a valuable source through in depth provisions of
monitoring and documentation of violation of fundamental human rights in Sudan.

You can find a full PDF copy of the report below:

Sudanese Rights Group Huqooq Report Issue 14 from 1 -31 May 2017