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Sudanese Rights Group July- August 2017 Repoert Issue 16

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq)
Human Rights Monitoring July- August 2017 Report-Sudan Issue: 16

(نعتذر لعدم توفر النسخة العربية لهذا التقرير)

Brief Summary:

Over the month of July and August 2017, Huqooq has documented and verified 57 cases of human rights
violations in Khartoum, Darfur, El Gadarif, Kassala, North State, Almangil- Jazeera State North Kordofan
and River Nile States, the cases of violations reflect the state of the human rights in Sudan, the majority
of the abuses highlighted in this report were perpetrated by National Intelligence and Security Service
NISS, police forces, and government aligned militia.

The report highlights the following cases: the arrest and detention of 31 students and political dissents
among them community leader in Darfur, 13 cases relating to freedom of expression and media
including four court cases and confiscation of three newspapers , two cases pertaining to land right
including one case of use of excessive force by police forces resulted in killing of one of the protesters,
death of 2 civilians and one policeman, case of rape of a minor girl, and kidnapping of 13 civilians in
Darfur, the report also highlights the case of banning tea and food ladies from work in three regions and
one case of public order. In addition to the removal of South Sudanese refugees from El Daein East
Darfur, and two cases of violations perpetrated by the ruling party affiliated students in Kassala and

The report also gives an update on the detention of Ismail Al Aghbash Abakar Masar, a political
activist and leader of the Sudanese Awakening Revolutionary Council1 who is in detention at the NISS
detention center since 16 May 2017 without charge or access to legal representation, the majority
targeted groups are student activists, political dissents, journalists, human rights defenders and women,
Huqooq gathered the information through direct interviews with the victims, eyewitnesses and other
sources such as relatives, lawyers and journalists.

You can find a full PDF copy of the report below:

Sudanes Rights Group Huqooq Report July- August 2017 Issue 16