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Sudanese Rights Group June 2017 Report Issue 15

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq)
Human Rights Monitoring
1st-30th June 2017 Report-Sudan Issue: 15

(نعتذر لعدم توفر النسخة العربية لهذا التقرير)

Brief Summary:

The crackdown on human rights in Sudan remains alarming, with continuing repression of
students activists, political opponents, media, and arbitrary detentions of students activists
from Darfur. Over the last month of June 2017, Huqooq has documented human rights
violations in Khartoum, Bakht Alruda, and Kosti in White Nile state, Port Sudan, Kassla Eastern
Sudan and El Geneina in West Darfur state and one case in Nyala South Darfur, the rights being
violated including use of force, freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, freedom of
association, arbitrary arrest, torture and other ill-treatment in detention, public order police
and arrest of South Sudanese refugees.

The violations documented in this report were committed by National Intelligence and Security
Service NISS, police forces, and the newly formed University police forces. The forces used
excessive force to break-up peaceful meetings targeting students and political opponent

Last month Huqooq has reported the arrest number of Bakht Alruda University students during
the violence incident that occurred in 9 of May 2017, due to lack of information in regard to
the incident, Huqooq team traveled to Bakht Alruda in White Nile State during June 2017 in
order to obtain more information about the violence incident and arrest of more than 72
students in May 2017, in particular the situation of ten students who were accused of
murdering two policemen and in detention, during the mission the team observed there is a
racial feelings towards Darfuri students drove by NISS propaganda in the city, the team
conducted informal meetings with random residents who expressed their feelings against the

presence of Darfuri Students, in addition the team was intimidated by a family member of a
policeman that allegedly was killed inside the students hostel during the violence in the
university, however the team was able to document, cases of arbitrary arrest, incommunicado
detention and three cases of torture and other ill-treatment during arrest and in detention,
Huqooq team interviewed more than ten students from Bakht Alruda University and three
lawyers who are working on the case throughout June.
This report highlights verified human rights violations cases, which occurred during June 2017,
Huqooq gathered the information through direct interviews with the victims, eyewitnesses and
other sources such as relatives, lawyers and journalists.

New Development:

On the 26th of June 2017, in a speech during the celebration of Eid Al-fitr of the
ruling party at the NCP headquarter office in Khartoum, President Al Bashir, vowed to
conduct a broad dialogue on the Constitution based on the national document and
consensus on the outputs of the national dialogue, adding that a draft bill of the
permanent constitution will be presented to the parliament for approval and then to the
Sudanese people in a referendum for approval and agreement. Bashir further called on
all Sudanese to reconcile and pardon in order to move to new era. (Source: Alyoumaltali
newspaper 28/06/2017)

You can find a full PDF copy of the report below:

Sudanese Rights Group June 2017 Report Issue 15