Oct 04

مشــــروع القـــانون الجــــنائي (تعديل) The draft Amendments to the Criminal Law 2016

النسخة الأصلية باللغة العربية أسفل الصفحة Explanatory note The draft Amendments to the Criminal Law of 1991 for the year 2016 The Criminal Law was issued in 1991 which repealed the Criminal Law of 1983,  during its application several changes … Continue reading

May 03

Weekly Repor 26th April-3rd May التقرير الاسبوعي

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq) Human Rights Monitoring Weekly Report-Sudan 26th April-3rd May 2016  (النسخة العربية اسفل الإنجليزية) New Developments: On 3rd May 2016, Khartoum University administration suspended the study for all the faculties in the main campus indefinitely after demonstrations, … Continue reading